Poetic Injustices

Bizarre Biology & Alliterations!

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by Braswell D. Deen, Jr.

Almost half, of all materials, and contents, used in Biology

Books in curriculums, in most public and private schoolrooms

Advances the alleged favorable data and evidence programming

Students toward ape ancestry ideas; an education doom looms!

Herding everyone toward this narrow, animalistic view evokes

Defensive Gorilla tactics; Braswell’s Bizarre, Bad, Biology,

Big Bang Baboon Barnyard Begets and Beginnings! The Textbook

Authors and publishers use, pro ape tactics psychologically.

In, promoting only, evolution, Dunbar & Waage, in Historical

Geology, 3rd edition, 1969, quoting Gaylord Simpson, states:

No further proof is necessary, for anyone reasonably free of

Old illusions and prejudices. Thus, this is a students fate!

H. J. Muller and other biologists have distributed their own

Manifesto, to Boards of Education, designed to censor, other

Credible alternative, scientific views of origins. They want

To suppress contrary data. Don't want you, to learn further!

The circulated paper asserts that organic evolution has been

Established, about as well as the earth appears to be round.

The Gorilla tactics of educational intimidation, evokes fear

In the careers of other professionals. But, no voice sounds!

Mass Media, Monkey Mythology, Mickey Mouse  Madness, seems to

Publicly, label and libel, other ideas, as, "narrow-minded";

Elite Educational Establishment Eccentric Exclusive Evolving

Ethics & Effects scare tactics on origins must be realigned.

April l979 issue, of National Geographic, on page 16, states

The beautiful Dolphins, of the sea, share linkage with cows;

"Before sliding back into the sea... shared dim evolutionary

Linkage with barnyard ruminants." I ask how? Others say wow!

Even a small ten year old child, knows that a sheep or a cow

"Sliding back into the sea" will within a few minutes drown.

So it's time for slick magazines, to provide alternative data

To differences and distinctions of dolphins and cows. Sound?

August 1978 issue of National Geographic, page 152, articles

"I believe that, evidence for a theropod Dinosaurian  origin,

Of birds, by way of Archaeopteryx, is overwhelming." Theory,

Quoted is for the birds, won't fly; there really, is no kin!

Megalosaurus, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and,

Dinosaurs, as Torosaurus, and Triceratops living in the past

Could have lived contemporaneous with humans, birds, and all

Life. Dinosaurs are extinct; Bald Eagles are dying too fast!

Duane T. Gish, Phd., has written a book titled Dinosaurs Those

Terrible Lizards advancing sound reasons why lizard hipped and

Bird hipped dinosaurs cannot be ancestors for birds. Why isn't

The other side told, in magazines through our land? Why a ban?

December issue, 1989, of the Readers Digest, page 163, has an,

Article with the title Uncovering the Mystery of the Dinosaur.

This writer gives  dinosaurs, credit for "creation of flowers;"

Says dinosaurs, are not extinct, but live on as birds. Lore?!?

Here "Bryan articulated apeless ancestry accomplished abruptly

And architecturally achieved while his able adversary Clarence

Darrow advocated alleged accidental ape ancestry affinity, and

It accruing aimlessly." 185 Ga. App. XXXII. Are you convinced?

Bryan contends, there are genetic differences and changes, and

Are within limits. Darrow claims biological similarities;  that

The changes, are complete, from animal to humans. The students

Are the jury, as to reasonable doubt; and where the data lies!

My father a college president, once said that the reason there

Is so much knowledge in college is, that the freshmen bring in

More than the seniors carry away. What he was really saying is

Overemphasizing ape ancestry, and, situation ethics, is a sin!

In Checking my pedigree, I can't say with real assurance, that

None of my family, has ever hung by the neck, from a big tree;

But it can be said, with confidence, that none have swung from

A tree limb by their tails. Its clear to us and to me you see!

Samuel Wilberforce in debate in 1860, with Thomas Henry Huxley

Begged to know, was it from Huxley's father or mother's, side,

That he claimed his descent from a monkey? One lady said  "pray

Tell it's not true but if so I prefer not to discuss it".Hide?

A menu of only Primordial Soup, Missing Link Sausages, Natural

Selection of cold cuts, Galapagos Goulash and Neanderthal Nuts

Are not nutritious. A Chief Chef special menu of an Abrupt and

Simultaneous Appearance, of humans and animals, are just such.

Braswell's Bizarre, Bad Biology, of teaching only ape ancestry

Origins is proven; "One Darwinian says there are times when he

Thinks about going into a field with more intellectual honesty

The used car business." See Newsweek, April 8, 1985 p-80. See!

Alliterations, are  addictive. Almost all alligators, are angry

And altogether are anti-social animals, although anteaters and

Antelopes, and aardvarks, abhor action approving and appeasing

A amino acid adaptation as are ape Australopithecus  ancestors.

Braswell Deen