Origin’s Inspections

(A Published Song)

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by Braswell D. Deen, Jr.

Darwin’s Evolution, of the Monkey, into a Man,

Is just a theory about, our humans past life-span;

It suggests that all men and the animals are akin,

And about this debate, is it really facts or a spin?

Do humans and apes, share, a common ancestor?

Do they claim by plan or chance? This is a tester.

Animals may ask, am I really, a keepers brother?

And, is this self evident? Should we look further?

Does the kissing of a frog, turn it into the Prince?

Passage of Geological Ages, does this, convince?

When the explanation of origins, is, today taught,

Scientific strength and weakness, must be sought!

In the beginning, was it really longtime evolution?

Or an original abrupt appearance, a non-evolution?

Students must study and examine scientific evidence

Of Devolution, Evolution and Non-Evolution; sense?

Both Survival of the Fittest, and a Natural Selection,

Require study and review of evidence and inspection.

The pro and con evidence calls for careful reflections,

For student academic choices, educational directions!

Braswell Deen