Poetic Injustices

Sudden Abrupt Appearance?
Downward Degenerate Devolution?
Upward (Slow And Rapid) Evolution?

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by Braswell D. Deen, Jr.

About half, of the thousands, of the world's renowned scientists,

Seeking fairness, with an independent, impartial, and, open mind,

See origins, of first life, organisms, humans, animals, universe,

As affirming, of the theory, Abrupt Appearance, is, what we find!

The obvious systematic gaps between all human and animal species,

Is what is seen, particularly in all the older rocks and fossils.

Positive empirical evidence of this theory is, Abrupt Appearance,

Advancing apeless, ancestry of humans; the data is most colossal!

Abrupt Appearance articulators and advocates, accentuate the many

Doubts, dissimilarities, differences, and, many DNA, distinctions

Between, man and monkey, humans and animals, studying embryology,

Anatomy, physiology, bio-chemistry, fossils, and classifications!

We know, the many, different kinds, of rats, cats, bats and dogs.

School children know, this reflects horizontal or limited change.

If, we were, then to see, a half-dog and cat, a half rat and bat,

This would be vertical unlimited change, and indeed seem strange!

The first two laws of science are accepted by most all scientists

Are well known in Physics as the law of conservation and entropy;

The former acknowledges the occurrence of change and conversions;

The law of conservation is not creation or destruction of energy.

We all know, the accepted first and second laws of  thermodynamics

Are other names, our physics books have given these trusted laws.

The law of entropy emphasizes an increasing uselessness of energy

As a new suit, car, or home heads downhill  to disorder and flaws!

Apes and humans are programmed to adulthood, but grown, they then

Decline downward, deterioration, destruction, then, finally, die.

Accomplishment and achievement of Abrupt Appearance is consistent

With gaps, limited change Laws One and Two which scientists rely.

The Devolution Model is about the reverse of the Evolution Model,

Where some think humans gradually devolved into apes and monkeys;

Dr. Geoffrey Bourne interpretations causes one to so believe that

Downward decline, degeneration, and dehydration, may be the keys.

William Jennings Bryan, appears to agree a little bit with Bourne

That monkey has devolved downward from a decadent degenerate man.

This is more plausible theory, than man becoming an improved ape;

The real issue is, on the scientific evidence where do you stand?

Entropy, supports a downward, decadent, deteriorative Devolution;

Darwin’s book DECENT OF MAN, points toward a Devolution solution!

Deen Dissents to both the theories of Devolution and a Evolution.

Hope this position will cause a full blown scientific revolution!

Whether favoring, an Abrupt Appearance, Devolution, or Evolution,

The important, legal question  is, in all curriculums the students

Must study, the strengths and weaknesses, of any theory presented

Wherever school tax-paid textbooks, are used, by our governments.

John T. Scopes in the Monkey Trial, said in court as a defendant,

Not to limit students study, of scientific evidence, to one side.

We must emphasize every aspect of all theories and tell  the truth

So fairness, academic freedom, for all students, will then abide.

Darwin has written: "In my wildest daydream, I never expect more,

Than to be able to show that there are two sides, to the question

Of the immutability of species." Clarence Darrow has noted, that,

It is bigotry, for schools to teach only one view, as to origins.

Scopes' lawyer, Dudley Malone, in court, has firmly, stated: "For

God's sake, let the children have their minds kept open, close no

Doors to their knowledge; shut no door from them." These words to

Us are well spoken! Fairness in textbook curriculums, is to know.

Small limited changes, Evolutionists call Micro-Evolution and the

Tiny changes within boundaries Non-Evolutionists label as genetic

Variation. Unlimited change named Macro-Evolution, scientists say

Contradicts the Second Law. A big debate? Which side do you pick?

The notion of monkeys and  humans, sharing a lowly common ancestor

Is presented by Evolutionary scientists as moving in slow motion,

Other Evolutionists, contradict this, by teaching a rapid fit and

Start event, now  called Punctuated Equilibria. Why land a goshen.

Evolutionists contend that humankind was achieved so slowly, that

No one has lived long enough for observation to have taken place;

Other Evolutionists state it happened quickly in fits and starts.

You still can't see it; a shell game requiring wit? Way off base?

Punctuated Equilibrium is the newest name for a quick big change.

Little Tom-Tits sometime parade as Evolutions feathered Peacocks,

Using millions and millions of years, in hiding the Rock of ages,

And, a look at the age of rocks, and, of young earth time clocks.

It may be monkey into man, or humans into  animals, or NEITHER, as

Data, scientific evidence points to an Abrupt Appearance. As each

Model and theory is reviewed, careful study, and critical thought

Must be made, as to all claims.  This is the correct way to teach!

Let's debate young-earth, medium-earth and old-earth time clocks;

Similarities vs. differences, limited vs. complete changes, as  in

Geographical distribution, vestigial organs, breeding Experiments

And mutations, for academic freedom for all students, in origins.

Braswell Deen