Chick-fil-A and the Green Park Restaurant
Alma, Georgia - 1964

by Braswell D. Deen, Jr.

Ms. Stuckey:

My name is Braswell D. Deen, Jr., former Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals of Georgia, now retired. I was practicing law in Alma, Ga., and around 1963-64 my friend M.E. Nixon and I were getting ready to open our new Restaurant "Green Park" at the corner of US #1 and 4th Street in the city. A good friend of mine Hearn Lumpkin, a Georgia Power representative, told me I should talk to Truett Cathy up in East Point about his good chicken sandwiches.

I called Mr. Cathy and he came down to help set us up as he said, "his first customer south of Macon Georgia." The two of us walked up and down the streets and sidewalks of Alma handing out complimentary gift cards to try his chicken sandwiches. It made our opening day a big hit and was a stimulus for our Restaurant success. My brother Ralph Deen of Adel and Jon Lott of Alma have advised that Mr. Cathy in his book "Eat Mor Chikin" on page 79, has referred to my call and how he worked hard and helped set us up with his Chick-fil-A product at our new restaurant.

I continued to practice law and Mr. Nixon ran the restaurant. In the middle of 1965 Governor Carl Sanders appointed me to the Court of Appeals and Mr. Nixon bought my interest in the restaurant and I moved to Atlanta. I always appreciated Mr. Cathy's writing a nice letter to the Governor commending him in appointing me to the court.

Alma is still my hometown and there is no place like Alma and Bacon County, Georgia. I understand Mr. Cathy's daughter is to be the speaker at Alma's Citizen of The Year banquet in February 2012. If you could share with me Mr. Cathy's email address I would like to tell him hello and extend my best wishes; if not, do this for me. Thanks.

Truett Cathy is an outstanding Christian Gentleman, a valuable citizen of Georgia, an advocate of our traditional American Values and an inspiration to me and many others. 


Braswell D. Deen, Jr.

Franchise Agreement from 1964 - Click image to enlarge.

Green Park - CFA agreement